Almirante Condell Class
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Ship Characteristics

Dimensions Length 501.5
Beam 58 ft
Draft 17.0 feet
Displacement (standard) 5,160 tons
Displacement (full load) 6,050 tons
Performance Speed (max) 33.0 knots
Speed (cruising) 16 knots
Endurance 7,500 nm @ 16 knots
Armament Long Range SAM 48 Jabiru II
Short range SAM 48 MOG
Medium Guns 2 4.7 inch L50 Mark VI Mod.1
Light Guns 4 57mm Mark I
Aircraft Rotodyne 1


By 1960 it was apparent that Chile had timed the start of its fleet modernization plan very badly. Naval technology had advanced very quickly since the mid-1950s and the ships that had been ordered then were already painfully obsolete even though they had yet to be delivered. The first priority was a new destroyer fleet since only two of the six ordered from the U.K. would now be delivered and they were already considered of marginal value. A new requirement was launched for a new destroyer class that would represent a truly modern solution to the Chilean Navy requirements. After a detailed examination of alternatives, the Navy selected the Australian Wellington class destroyer, ordering four of the new ships with an additional pair on option. This option was exercised in 1962 to bring the total class to six ships.

The Australian shipbuilding industry was desperate to prove its viability as a supplier on the export market. Accordingly, construction was pressed hard and the first four ships were delivered four years after the orders were signed. The two additional ships were completed even faster, being delivered the following year. Despite the speed of construction, the standard or workmanship was reported to be extremely good with the ships standing up to Antarctic weather with little or no difficulty.

All six ships were modernized in the early 1980s with the MOG missiles being replaced by Falcon and the electronics fully updated. A hull survey in 2009 showed them to be in excellent condition for their age and certified them for at least ten years additional service.

Class Members

Name Ordered Laid Down Launched Commissioned Fate
Almirante Condell 1960 1960 1963 1964 Still in service
Almirante Lynch 1960 1960 1963 1964 Still in service
Blanco Encalada 1960 1960 1963 1964 Still in service
Esmeralda 1960 1960 1963 1964 Still in service
Ministro Zenteno 1962 1962 1964 1965 Still in service
Ministro Portales 1962 1962 1964 1965 Still in service
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