Almirante Latorre Class
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Ship Characteristics

Dimensions Length 665 ft
Beam 63 ft
Draft 22.5 ft
Displacement (Standard) 16,830 tons
Displacement (Full Load) 18,340 tons
Performance Speed (max) 32.5 knots
Speed (Cruising) 15 knots
Endurance 8,000 nm. at 15 knots
Armament Medium Guns 12 6.1 inch L55
AA Guns 16 3.9 inch L65
Light guns 36 25mm L75
Armor Belt 4.75 inches
Deck 3.25 inches


In 1955 the Chilean Navy decided on a major fleet upgrade that would see a rebuild of its naval strength. The primary objective was to establish a new surface combatants squadron that would replace the old mix of pre-WW2 destroyers and cruisers. Therefore, tenders were issued for the supply of two cruisers and six destroyers. In a curious decision that appears driven by a desire to diversify sources of supply, the two cruisers were ordered from Japan while the destroyers were ordered from the UK.

Class Members

Name Ordered Laid Down Launched Commissioned Fate
Almirante Latorre 1956 1957 1960 1962 Still in service
Almirante Cochrane 1956 1957 1961 1963 Still in service
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