RAAF Jervis Bay / HMAS Albatross II



RAAF Jervis Bay, HMAS Albatross II, Jervis Bay Airport


35°08′48″S, 150°41′48″E Jervis Bay Territory


Tri-Use - Naval Air Station (Satellite), RAAF Station, and local Airport


08/26 1,463m Asphalt
15/33 1,524m Asphalt
Alighting Grounds on St. Georges Lake and Jervis Bay

Primary Activity

Naval – mostly used to support HMAS Creswell and the naval training area off Jervis Bay (XAJB), staging target towing aircraft from HMAS Albatross, and operating drones.
RAAF – Air-Sea Rescue training (With RAAF Maine Station Jervis Bay) and a drone operating flight
Joint – Search &Rescue Training Centre, C Flight 220Sqn RAAF and 278 Flight RAN share a ‘done-drome’ facility at the end of runway 33.
Civil – Twice daily flights by Central Coast Air Services Ltd Jervis Bay Aero-Club, Jervis Bay Gliding Club


278 Flight RAN – Drones
C Flight 220Sqn RAAF – Drones
School of Air-Sea Rescue (RAAF)
No.24 Station Operating Flight

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