HMAS Nelson

Headquarters of Royal Australian Navy's Southern Command, HMAS Nelson holds sway over Victorian, Tasmanian and South Australian waters, along with the Southern Ocean down to Antarctica, although 'Deep South' operations run out of HMAS Tasman in Hobart, Tasmania.

HMAS Nelson is a small block of remarkably ugly and inconveniently located, offices in the outer Melbourne suburb of Clayton. The only ‘naval’ thing about the facility is the unnatural neatness of the whole place, the vast volume of white paint covering anything incapable of movement and a small anchor set in concrete by the front gate that looks quite bashful at being so out of place. Locally known as the ‘Milkbar’ for all the while uniforms in evidence, or the ‘Icehouse’ for its architecture (occasionally the ‘Outhouse’ for the same reason), Nelson is considered an ‘armless posting, if you will pardon the pun, not quite as nice Rushcutter, as it is a long way out from the CBD and lacks the harbour views, so it's almost a backwater. But much appreciated by the ‘significant others’ of posted personnel, because if it isn't Sydney, the shopping is better, the schools are pretty good and houses are reasonable. Melbourne-ites of course are quite one eyed about the place and prefer it above all others –if they don’t care about their careers.


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