CVN-71 Ohio Class
(Note: drawing contains some parts and lower hull details taken from

Ship Characteristics

Dimensions Length 1,215.0ft
Beam 145 ft
Draft 37 ft
Displacement (Standard) 95,700 tons
Displacement (Full Load) 110,600 tons
Performance Speed (max) 31 knots
Armament Aircraft (1974) 36 F9U, 24 F4H, 12 A3J, 4 EA3J, 4 W2F, 4 S2F, 4 KW2F
Aircraft (1986 36 F13F, 24 F4H, 12 A2U, 12 A3J, 4 EA3J, 4 W2F, 4 S2F, 4 KW2F


The Ohio class aircraft carriers are a follow-on from the Texas class but feature a new, fuller hull form that gives them greatly increased internal volume but whose extra water resistance costs approximately two knots in top speed. This has been a major cause of criticism throughout the ship's careers to date. They have a greatly improved and much more elaborate electronics outfit compared with the Texas class. Eight ships of this class were built, all remain in service following major overhauls in the 1990s. They are expected to serve for at least 50 years although the last three ships may be replaced before that time.

This class of carriers established the even construction rate of one nuclear-powered carrier every year with consequent economies in production costs. However, the last three were delayed by funding reductions during the years of the Carter presidency and these three took two years longer to build than the other five. They were also significantly more costly as a result. Despite this extra cost, they were not as well-built as the first five ships and their mid-life upgrades were significantly more expensive than for the earlier ships. In recent years there has been talk of retiring these three ships early and replacing them with new CVNs.

Class Members

Number Name Ordered Laid Down Launched Commissioned Fate
CVN-71 Ohio 1969 1969 1972 1974 In service as of 2009
CVN-72 Nebraska 1970 1970 1973 1975 In service as of 2009
CVN-73 Connecticut 1971 1971 1974 1976 In service as of 2009
CVN-74 New York 1972 1972 1975 1977 In service as of 2009
CVN-75 California 1973 1973 1976 1979 In service as of 2009
CVN-76 Montana 1974 1974 1977 1980 In service as of 2009
CVN-77 Florida 1975 1975 1979 1981 In service as of 2009
CVN-78 Georgia 1976 1976 1980 1983 In service as of 2009
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