RAAF Point Cook

Point Cook is the home of the RAAF, being the oldest established airbase in Australia and is the longest continuously operating military aerodrome in the world. Located beside Port Phillip Bay just outside Melbourne, Victoria, on the road to Geelong.


The site at Point Cook was purchased buy the Commonwealth Government in 1912 in anticipation of what would becomes the Australian Flying Corps in WWI. The growth of military aviation in Australia after 1914 saw Point Cook rapidly expand with temporary buildings, some of which exist to this day, to serve as Australia’s primary military flying school, a function it still performs. It remained the only established RAAF station until RAAF – Richmond (in NSW) and RAAF – Laverton (a few miles back up the road to Melbourne) opened in 1925.

The heart of Point Cook is the Memorial Parade Ground, built in the 1920's on the AFC’s old drill field, which is considered the RAAF’s ‘sacred ground’ and the standing memorial to all Australia’s airmen who have fallen since 1914. On the operational level Point Cook is still the home of the RAAF Central Flying School (CFSA) and the Royal Australian Air Force Collage (inc Officers Training Collage), although the headquarters of RAAF Training Command is up the road at Laverton with No.3 Induction Centre. The Flyingboat Conversion Flight is another unit with long links to Point Cook, as the base has been operating aquatic aircraft for as long at they have been in Australian service.

The RAAF Museum was founded at Point Cook in 1956 and contains examples of many of the aircraft flown by the RAAF since 1921 and most of those flown by the AFC before them, a good number of which are in airworthy condition and flying displays are conducted three times a week - weather permitting.

Units currently based at Point Cook

Royal Australian Air Force College
No. 1 Central Flying School - Central Flying School A
Flyingboat Conversion Flight
Flight Controllers Training Unit
Flyingboat Trials & Experimental Flight
The Kings Guard Flight RAAF Regiment
RAAF Museum
301 Base Operating Flight


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