RAAF Richmond



RAAF Richmond


33°36′00″S, 150°46′48″E
Between the towns of Windsor and Richmond, north west of Sydney, New South Wales


Air Base – Headquarters RAAF Transport Command


01/19 3,000m Concrete
10/28 5,010m Concrete

Primary Activity

Administration – Deals with all command level administration and Transport Command operational planning/routing/coordination. 1st MD Air Force Band (also acts as Transport Command Band).
Flying - Operational hub of military air transport on the east coast of Australia, Ground – Primary maintenance facility Transport Command aircraft and handles all deep maintenance work for RAAF ‘heavy’ types. Also houses a substantial quantity of pre-packaged military stores and spare parts for all three services and humanitarian supplies.
Training – Ground School for Heavy Airframe Maintenance, Transport Command Operational Training Unit (OTU), Central Flying School H (CFSH)


HQATS – Headquarters Air Transport Staff

HQ1ATG - Headquarters 1st Transport Group RAAF
HQ80GT – Headquarters 81 Wing (Transport - Medium) RAAF
· XXX Sqn (C.13 (Pelican) Mk.8)
· 1XX Sqn (C.13 (Pelican) Mk.6)
· 2XX Sqn (C.13 (Pelican) Mk.8)
HQ82GT – Headquarters 83 Wing (Transport - Medium) RAAF
· 3XX (C.13 (Pelican) Mk.7)
· 5XX (C.13 (Pelican) Mk.7)
· 6XX (C.13 (Pelican) Mk.8)
HQ84GT – Headquarters 85 Wing (Transport - Heavy) RAAF
· 7XX (C.18 (Hercules) Mk.2
· 8XX (C.18 (Hercules) Mk.4
· 9XX (C.18 (Hercules) Mk.2 & 3
HQ86GT – Headquarters 85 Wing (Transport - Communications) RAAF
HQ1AHS – Headquarters 1st Air Movements Squadron
HQ1AHS - Headquarters 1st Air Traffic Control Squadron
No.2 Sqn RAAF (AA Arrow Mk.X)
522Sqn – 522 Operational Support Squadron (Base)
524Sqn – 524 Operational Support Squadron (Mobile)
525Sqn – 526 Operational Support Squadron (RAAR Reserve)
1st MD Air Force Band
Central Flying School H
OTUTC – Operational Conversion Unit Transport Command
ATT&DU – Air Transport Training and Development Unit
No.34 Combined Stores Depot (Surge)
No.2 Base Support Unit

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