Russian Pistols

The standard Russian army pistol until just before the Great Patriotic War was the Model 1896 Nagant revolver, a strange weapon that featured a gas-tight seal between the cylinder and the barrel, coupled with a very weak and ineffectual 7.62x38R cartridge. The pistol was costly and difficult to produce as well as being ineffective and was in process of being replaced by the Tokarev TT3, a semi-automatic pistol based on the Browning 03 and chambered for 7.62x25mm. This slowly replaced the Nagant revolver although the latter remained in production until 1944 and can still be found today used by some Russian police forces. The TT3 served the Russians well but from 1943 onwards they started to receive Canadian-made Browning Hi-powers chambered for 7.62x25mm. Recognizing the superiority of this pistol, the weapon was copied by Makarov as the PM (Pistolet Makarov) incorporating some features of the Walther P-38 and the Walther PP. The resulting weapon was very well-received and remains in Russian service today. It is also a common sight on US pistol ranges, large numbers of these weapons having been exported to the US civilian market.

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