As late as the start of the 21st century, Russia is still recovering from the horrors of the Great Patriotic War. The events of the war are deeply scarred into the Russian psyche and the country is paranoid in a way that few can understand. Until they live there and realize what suffering the country endured. Russia is a very close US ally the Russians understanding that even a nation as isolationist as the US needs one friend and Russia is determined to be that friend. The alliance between the United States abd Russia is based on closely-intertwined mutual need. Russia lacks the manpower to defend itself against a mass attack and relies on the U.S. nuclear umbrella to deter such an attack. However, the U.S. also relies on Russian forward bases to deliver nuclear attacks. Russia depends on American aid and assistance to rebuild itself from the horrible destruction of WW2 but that aid is predicated on a healthy American economy fuelled largely by cheap Siberian oil. In short, America and Russia are joined at the hip.

Russia is regarded as nervously as the US, since the Russian motto is never again. They are great believers in pre-emptive retaliation. Given the close alliance between Russia and the US, attacking Russia means SACs bombers will be coming. Russia sees its role as the small, alert guard dog that spots a threat and wakes up the big powerful guard dog in time to do something about it. The Russians believe it is their divinely-imposed duty to confront regimes that are irredeemably evil (they regard Chipan as being redeemably evil but the Caliphate as being irredeemably evil).

Russias political system defies easy description. It is neither capitalist nor communist, neither democratic nor dictatorial. Mostly, its a fairly anarchistic system. The government very rarely gives orders but when it does give them, they are obeyed or woe to the disobedient. The Government has a clear picture of where it wants to go but prefers to get there by nudges and suggestions rather than dictat. To all intents and purposes, the country is run by the President, but the President is popular if he isnt, he doesnt get to be President. Visitors to the country find the most noticeable thing about Russians is their love of children of which there are many. As a result of the dreadful casualties of the Second World War, children are loved, pampered and protected by society as a whole. As a result, parents have no qualms about their children playing unattended in the street all day; they know the whole country has a quarter of an eye on them to see the kids don't come to any harm.

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