A corporate division of Van Huis Engineering, specializing in the design and manufacture of medium and heavy trucks for both government and commercial sale.

Head Quarters - Duffers Crossing, Rosslyn Pretoria

Descended from South African Commercial Vehicles Inc, a joint venture between the Government of South Africa and the English company Associated Commercial Vehicles Ltd, in 1965. Taken over by the South African Government in 1979 when the ACV Group was absorbed by British Leyland, and disposed of to Van Huis Engineering in 1982. The product line was rationalized following the sale with McMullen Industries producing the body work, Van Huis engineering producing the diesel engines and powertrains and doing the final assembly.

Product line/s
Sturdy, Trusty


SACVL range mirrors SAMIL but rearwheel drive only and civil spec, plus some extras

Militant 3
Militant 5
Militant 10
Mars 8
Antar II (assembly)

Treker 50 5 ton (4x4)
Treker 100 10 ton (6x6)
Treker 150 tractor/wrecker chassis (6x6)
Trekboer (6x6) Logistics prime mover 20 ton on trailer
Voortrekker (6x6) Heavy prime mover (Scammel tank transporter)

1981 – Rebadged Treker’s with some mods
SAMIL 20 2 ton 4x4 (~Unimog equivalent)
SAMIL 50 5 ton 4x4
SAMIL 100 10 ton 6x6
SAMIL 150 6x6 tractor/wrecker chassis
SAMIL 200 6x6 20 ton prime mover
SAMIL TT 6x6 tank transporter

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