Television Shows

The Avengers 1961 to 1975 on British television

Dad's Army 1968 to 1977 on British television

Family Favorites 1945 - current, first radio then television. Primarily PBS but available free of charge to other channels

Ghost Walk 1979 - 1986 on CBS network

The Goodies 1970 - 1982 BBC. A three handed Sketch and Situation Comedy created, co-written and performed by Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie.

Hogan's Heroes 1965 to 1971, on the CBS network.

The Hunters 1973 on the NBC Network

Patrol Boat 1979 - 1985 Australian Broadcasting Commission. A small warship polices Australia's coastline and distant islands.

The Sullivans 1976 - 1986 a Crawford Production for the Nine Network. A Middle Class Australian Family sees WWII.

The Uncatchables 1970 - 1982. Cuban-produced series syndicated to some stations in the US.

Warpath 1972 - 1979 on ABC network

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