CVN-67 Texas Class
(Note: drawing contains some parts and lower hull details taken from

Ship Characteristics

Dimensions Length 1,102.0
Beam 133 ft
Draft 36 ft
Displacement (Standard) 75,700 tons
Displacement (Full Load) 89,600 tons
Performance Speed (max) 33 knots
Armament Aircraft (1964) 12 F6D, 36 F9U, 24 F4H, 12 A3J, 4 W2F, 4 S2F
Aircraft (1986 36 F13F, 24 F4H, 12 A2U, 12 A3J 4 W2F, 4 S2F


The problem with the two ships of the CVN-65 Enterprise class was that they proved to be over-engineered and at once too conservative and too radical. In particular their machinery proved to be over-complex. Their radars proved to be both over-complex for the tasks imposed on them and, if run at maximum power actually endangered flight operations. Accordingly, the remaining four ships of the class were redesigned with a much-simpler two-reactor plant (which reduced speed by two knots), twin rudders rather than four and a much simpler bridge. Once again, there was a major debate during her construction was whether she should be missile armed; the originally intended complement being two twin Terrier missile launchers. It was eventually decided these impacted too much on her aircraft carrying capability and they were never fitted. Late in their careers both ships were fitted with Sea Falcon surface-to-air missiles.

During the funding process for these ships, Congress mandated that all aircraft carriers be named after states. Accordingly, the first two ships were renamed to comply with this mandate.

Between 1988 and 1992 these carriers underwent a service life extension program (SLEP) that will extend their life to fifty years. Thus, Texas and Oregon will serve as the Atlantic and Pacific training carriers respectively until 2021 and 2022 while Maine and Massachusetts will serve as fleet carriers until 2023.

Class Members

Number Name Ordered Laid Down Launched Commissioned Fate
CVN-67 Texas (ex-Lexington) 1965 1965 1968 1970 Derated to training ship 2007
CVN-68 Oregon (ex-Saratoga) 1966 1966 1969 1971 Derated to training ship 2008
CVN-69 Maine 1967 1967 1970 1972 In service as of 2009
CVN-70 Massachusetts 1968 1968 1971 1973 In service as of 2009
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