United States of America


The USA is the undisputed world hegemon and has been since 1947. There is no power or combination of powers that can pose a serious risk to the country in military or economic terms. Most international political questions end up as how do we do X without upsetting the Americans. America has a huge bomber fleet which is kept at the cutting edge of technology, a strong and capable anti-bomber and anti-missile defense system and a powerful navy that deploys worldwide. The Army, on the other hand is very weak indeed (deliberate policy), a feature only partially offset by a strong Marine Corps. American policy is that if America is attacked, replying to that attack with nuclear weapons is the first resort, not the last.


America is frequently feared, disliked and resented. It is an isolationist power with few strong allies. However, America is also a trading nation and its activities are aimed at maintaining a peaceful, stable world where trade can flourish. This commitment is recognized by the international community and, as such, the countrys use of muscle to make sure the world stays peaceful is regarded as being a necessary evil. The best summary of the US international position is that America is regarded as being a particularly vicious guard dog people like its protection but don't want it in the living room. American power is based on its ability to destroy anybody who gets in their way and their demonstrated capability of doing just that. The danger is that if either the capability or the willingness become doubted, there is nothing left to fall back on.


Due to US isolationism, foreign policy has been de-emphasized. The normal system is that the government determines strategy, the targeteers determine how to execute the strategy and the weaponeers produce the equipment. In the TBO timeline, the targeteers have absorbed much of the functions of the State Department and the NSC. This has given rise to a remarkable situation where much of American government is carried out by private companies working under contracts from the rest of the Government. This system was challenged by the Democrats during the Johnson administration (1964-1972) and the Carter Administration (1976-1980) but survived and was reinforced during the Reagan era (1980 1988 ) . It remains the backbone of how the US is run.

The US is a prosperous and politically conservative country but with some important exceptions. Due to the destruction of Germany, the peace movement started early and became stronger than might otherwise have been the case. It also became much more militant. During the late 1960s, the hippy movement with its attraction to Eastern Mysticism became a sympathetic local agent of influence for both Chipan and the Triple Alliance. After an initial flirtation with Chipan, the Hippy movement split, the pacifistic idealists tending to associate with the Indian and ASEAN sections of the Triple Alliance, the militant leftists becoming closely associated with Chipan. As a residual of this period, the educational system in the US has been seriously harmed and is actually quite low. Although the standards of scientific research and engineering are unsurpassed and the scientific community is without equal, the day-to-day educational standard has dropped alarmingly. Too much feel good not enough solid learning.

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