Veinticinco de Mayo Carriers
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Ship Characteristics

Dimensions Length 898.5 ft
Beam 129 ft
Draft 31 ft
Displacement (Standard) 33,600 tons
Displacement (Full Load) 42,650 tons
Performance Speed (max) 33 knots
Speed (cruising) 15 knots
Endurance 15,000 nm at 15 knots
Armament Guns 8 3 inch L62
Aircraft F9U-3 Super-Crusader 36
A4D-7 Skyhawk 24


In the late 1950s, the U.S. Navy started decommissioning its fleet of 24 Essex class aircraft carriers as these were considered incapable of carrying the latest types of navy aircraft, especially the A3J Vigilante. The ships were offered for sale and received significant interest with Australia, India, Brazil, Argentina and France buying two each. The two Argentine ships were received by the Argentine Navy in early 1960 and entered service almost immediately. Argentina also purchased a force of 100 F9U Super-Crusader fighters and 60 A4D Skyhawk bombers to equip the two ships.

The carriers had already been rebuilt with a new bridge, angled flight deck and enclosed bows and their standard was considered acceptable for service. However, by the mid-1970s, it was decided that they were in urgent need of a major modernization and the Veinticinco de Mayo was brought in for the purpose. She was to have a new gun battery of eight Italian three inch L62 guns replacing her four old 5 inch L38s, a new radar and communications outfit and a complete power plant rebuilt. Work on her proceeded slowly due to funding shortages and, in 1981, the second ship, Neuve de Julio was also brought in to serve as a source of parts. This allowed the Veintinco de Mayo to complete her refit in early 1982.

This left Neuve de Julio in very poor condition and, post-Falklands War, the ship languished in the Artillieras shipyard for some years. In 1986, a plan was proposed to rebuild her with diesel propulsion and a complete overhaul of her by-now badly deteriorated structure. This proved to be economically impossible and, in late 1988 the ship was sold for scrap.

Class Members

Name Ordered Laid Down Launched Commissioned Fate
Veinticinco de Mayo (ex Boxer) 1941 1943 1944 1945 Sunk by Royal Navy air attack, Falklands, April 29, 1982
Neuve de Julio (ex Randolph) 1940 1943 1944 1944 Scrapped 1988
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